An update to my ‘final’ PBP story

A few weeks ago I shared my story about why I simply HAD to complete PBP.

That post was by far the most widely read of all my posts, besides not being much about the ride itself.

The focus was on the often hidden conditions that are IBD.

Since the post attracted so much attention I felt it might be useful to post a link to an article published today by Huffpost. You can find the link at the end of this article.

Its a scary fact that IBD is on the rise in the western world, and so more and more of us are likely to be affected with this debilitating illness. For me the trigger appears to be significant stress, and to a lesser extent food. I take daily drugs to guard against the increased cancer risks, and I whilst I can often thrive on pressure, I do try to live my life in a way that doesn’t add additional stress. I avoid getting wrapped up in other peoples drama’s unless its my choice to do so. Positivity and cycling go a long way in helping me manage my stress, and in turn my condition.

Bowel disease is still so often a taboo subject, but I urge everyone, if you notice changes in your digestive health dont ignore it. Go and see your doctor. Caught early enough IBD conditions can be managed, and trust me, you want to get it under control early.

The article by Huffpost will be very enlightening for anyone who doesn’t know much about it.

Lifelong Bowel diseases are rising

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