A New Reality – Lockdown Wk2 Day 1


Today my good habits didn’t start well, and I went to work in my PJ’s.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t do this. I promised myself I would get dressed and maintain some semblance of normality. Day 1 of the second week and I already seem to have lost my sense of pride in my appearance, and the ability to get dressed in the morning. Tuesday I have promised myself I will do better.

I wonder how many other people have also let their good intentions slide after just a week. How many parents have got bored with home schooling? How many other people are working in their PJ’s

We are still cheerful, and settling into routines now though.

Little jobs

We have still continued to pick up all those small jobs that we don’t ever get round to doing in our normal busy lives. The dishwasher gets loaded AND emptied regularly. Our washing is up to date, and we are bit more disciplined about putting things away. The Hubster has been trying to fix dripping taps, but he needed a part which he couldn’t get. Amazon are delivering it later today.

After finishing a very long outstanding wallpapering job I have finally moved the wardrobes in my 2nd bedroom back to where they belong so that there is more space to use the room as a temporary gym. So, I’ve no excuses now not to do my strength and conditioning work. This is a habit that I promised myself to do, but I’ve yet to start. Getting these little jobs completed is taking away all the reasons that have been stopping me get started on a few of my healthy habits. Pretty soon I’ll have no excuses left at all. This is a good thing, even for when all of this is over, as I will have only a short time to pick up my training and get fit for the rescheduled Race Around the Netherlands. But first I’m going to have a couple of weeks break from intense training and get these jobs done

I have however remained in the house all day again today, just like yesterday. With my niggly cough I decided that I would forego the daily outdoors exercise and just recover. I have a good immune system which should fight anything off pretty quick, but I don’t want to tempt fate. If the sun comes out I will go outside tomorrow.

The outside world

Today’s press announcement was that the Government were going to put on final rescue missions to get Brits abroad home. That’s good then for all those trapped abroad after airports closed. They are going to schedule special flights. Not to difficult really since there are hundreds of grounded planes currently.

Also we were told that the lockdown measures already do appear to have slowed the spread of the virus round, and that new recorded infections seems to have steadied. Unfortunately that doesn’t help those that already have it, and are hospitalised. Some will inevitably not pull through.

I have noted though that our death rate has slowed compared to Italy. Initially as a country we were exactly 2 weeks behind Italy on our death rate. We have now increased the gap to 17 days, so I see that as a positive. As a whole we have grown accustomed now to the changes and are doing what we are told. Free food deliveries have started to arrive with vulnerable people and generally people are looking out for each other.

A National Effort

The Government asked for 250,000 local volunteers, and have got 750,000 instead. These volunteers are to be used to help deliver the food to the vulnerable, collect meds, and assist in many other ways. There are so many hundreds of thousands that have been furlonged, that it makes sense that they might volunteer, especially since they are being paid due to Government handouts to business.

There is something in our British nature that makes people want to do something to help. It’s proof that despite all the divisions that have arisen in recent years due to politics and Brexit, we can all still pull together for the greater good and put political differences aside. It’s further evidence that the majority of people are inherently good and thoughtful, even if we all have different ways of expressing it.

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