Coast To Coast European Adventure

The ride begins on

1st March 2021

Registrations open until the End of March

Registration fee – £45

£10 from every entry will be donated to Solent Mind to support mental health on the south coast.

A virtual adventure across Europe from the Atlantic Coast of the French West Coast, to Bulgaria and the Black Sea

What’s it all about?

This virtual ride follows the beautiful route of the Eurovelo 6, a trans European cycle trail that passes through 10 countries. The real route takes scenic routes along major rivers, and through hills and mountains. Much of the route is traffic free, and as you follow your progress along the route, you’ll be able to zoom in on your location and see the scenery for yourself.

You can chose to complete the distance solo, as a paid (a tandem), or a trio (a trike). Each mile that you log as a ride, run or walk propels you along the route. Both indoor and outdoor activity counts, which is especially important during these challenging times.

For more information on how this virtual event works, check out the video below


As you progress through each country you will unlock country milestones as virtual postcards showing the key sights along your journey.

Finishers Medal

When you complete your journey you will have earned a unique wooden finishers medal, made by a small Cornish business from sustainable sources. 

Private Facebook community

And if all that isn’t enough, when you sign up, you will receive an invitation to our amazing private Facebook Group. Here you will join with other riders from all over the world and make new friends.  Here you will find encouragement, inspiration, and friendly coffee chat.  Firm friendships have been formed within our Facebook community from our 2020 There and Back challenge

Route features

As well as passing through 10 countries, you will follow 6 major rivers, and pass 11 UNESCO sites.

Maybe this virtual ride will inspire you to do some or all of the real thing in the future.


We really enjoyed the ‘Virtual LeJogle Challenge’. We do all of our riding outdoors and when the weather is not so kind it can be easy to stay at home and the nights are drawing in – but the goal in the challenge spurred us on and dragged us out on those ‘iffy’ days. Being able to do it as a couple was a bonus too especially during Covid when we were unable to ride with our local groups as we were in too high a tier. We also enjoyed being part of a virtual group and have kept in touch with one or two we ‘met’ as a result who live not too far away and hope to have post-Covid meet ups with them. It was fun to watch the more competitive group members duke it out too. And all raising money for a worthwhile charity.

Laura Pringle

I really enjoyed the event and it kept me motivated during the bleak winter days. The camaraderie and support on the FB page was lovely, especially with the people that were sprinting to the finish early on. The map and mission app were great – brilliant to see where you were on the map and even be able to see the street view. I would definitely be keen to take part in another event like this.

Annabel Khurshid

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  1. Hi Marcia How long is this route, just trying to work out how many virtual hours riding it would involve for me before signing up. Great initiative.

    1. It’s 2600 miles, and it works out as 100 miles per week to complete.
      You can include cycling, running and walking & also team up with a friend or two to share the mileage if you wish. Once the summer arrives you might find the target much easier to achieve.

  2. Morning. I’m very keen to join you from Australia, but can you tell me what computer programs I need, as I only use Zwift at the moment? Thank you

    1. You can use real rides and virtual rides. The app will actually upload your entries from apps like Strava. So as long as you can log your activities on one of these kind of apps then you’ll be fine. Further details will be provided once the app is live next month.

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