The Polar Express 500km

Rapha 500 2021?

What’s the point is spending a week trying to juggle work, family visits and riding 500Km between all of this over 7 days, myself and Daniel Jones (Hell of the North West fame) have decided, lets just set something up that riders can smash themselves in one go, yes you read that right, 500Km over winter in one solid ride.


Hold your horses, this isn’t as mad as it seems, actually yes it IS mad! However, we also feel it’s achievable by allowing people to ride in a group/team together, having a central control and making the routes a petal formation. We’ll also have nice weather road condition and bad weather road condition routes available.

Isn’t Daniel from up norrfff?

Yes, so this means there will be two events happening, one up north, and one down south, both will have their local landscape personalities to go along with the terrain.


The ride will happen over 2 days (it is 500Km) with a 36 hour window in which to complete it in over the 28th and 29th December, more details to be announced.

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