LEJOGLE 2020 Posts

Ruby’s cockpit

You will find here, the full list of posts that relate to my LEJOGLE 2020 world record attempt.

At the end of each post there is an image of the route actually ridden, and also a link to the You Tube video of each day that forms the basis of the submissions to Guinness World Records for evidence. Perfect for sending you to sleep each evening, since they are designed as evidence rather than entertainment. You have been warned!

The Ride

Day 1 – An belting tail wind, and an awesome start to the ride

Day 2 – Hunger, wrong turns, a walk in the woods and a very late finish

Day 3 – Saddle sores, Storm Francis and sleep deprivation

Day 4 – A slow start, Loch Lomond, and an awesome mountain sunset

Day 5 – Loch Ness, more rain, and a silky smooth road to the north

Day 6 – John O’Groats, more sleep issues, more wind

Day 7 – Support crew changes, another mountain sunset

Day 8 – Company on the ride, silliness and a border crossing

Day 9 – No support, alternative routes, lots of company

Day 10 – Super Heroes, lost things, the return of the Hubster, another border

The finish – Sleep Deprivation, powernaps, a police escort, the final sunset

Post Ride

Post Ride reflections – What goes through your mind after such a big event

The Emptiness – Once the Euphoria wears off, the mind goes to dark places

Mental Health

Mental Health Stories from the road – part 1 – Why I rode to support mental health, and personal stories from the people I met along the way + the ‘I followed a dot’ poem.

Mental Health Tales from the road – part 2 – More personal stories from cyclists who have been helped on their own journeys through cycling


A Record Breaking Decision – How and why I decided to embark on this record attempt

I’m committed now – No going back from this point

Big Miles, Big Decisions – How I got my head around cycling so far

I’ve turned into someone I barely recognise – when training turns serious

Preparation – Considerations and solutions

Almost Time – Final Preparations and my invisible peloton

The Route – The intended route

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