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We all need a little extra help from time to time. During 2020/2021, that need has been all the more obvious as we struggle to adjust to our new normal.

Throughout these unusual times, the ability to find balance, and a way to cope with all the changes has become even more important.

Cycling is for many people, a way to find either balance, or just headspace when they need it. Whether riding for a challenge, for company or simply to explore the countryside, it is well know that exercise in general is pretty good for mental health.

Throughout my cycling journey I have caught up with other cyclists who have shared their mental health stories, as well as sharing some of my own.

In addition, I’ve spent some time considering my own physical health as I reach what I hope to be a mid point in my life. Despite trying my best to follow a healthy lifestyle, I’m still finding that I have health issues that need to to be addressed from time to time. My cycling journey is my way of taking it all in my stride rather than dwelling on the inevitable aging process. I discuss some of those issues in my blogs, and try to provide straightforward information to help guide others who might also suffer similar conditions. I also seek to demonstrate that an unwanted health diagnosis doesn’t mean that your world will implode, and that you can still find pleasure in your ride, even if you need to make adjustments.

I hope you enjoy these posts, and feel free to comment, or get in touch if you want to share your own journey of how cycling helps you with your mental & physical health. I’d love to feature some, and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

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