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Hi, I’m Marcia, and welcome to my blog.

Although the focus of my blog is my various long distance adventures, I also feature mental health issues, and how cycling can really help us manage our mental health.

In addition, there are general interest posts, especially from the world of cycling for women, and also kit reviews.

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New Focus – The Bike Experiment

Now that I had set myself on a course to complete the Great British Escapade I needed to get comfortable with off road riding. But with my Ribble CGR having a road set up, I needed to consider whether it was going to possible to make inexpensive changes to the bike to make it suitable, or if I would in fact be better off dusting off my old Specialized Rockhopper that had been languishing in the basement for years.

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New focus – New Challenge

As I’ve started to enjoy getting off the beaten track, I’ve found myself yearning for a new challenge for the year. As someone who always get excited about hearing of new adventures, I can find myself quickly signed up for things without really thinking about just how far outside my comfort zone they are. This year has been no exception…….I started to wonder if I might be able to do an off road bike-packing race. I mean, come on, how hard could it be?

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Why is Pride such a difficult emotion?

For anyone who grew up in the catholic faith, you will be aware of the 7 deadly sins. Pride takes top spot in the list, and so may be considered to be a bad thing – the No 1 podium position of the deadliest of sins!! I never really understood this….

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About Me

Hi, I’m Marcia.
I’m in my mid fifties, a wife, a mother & a self-confessed bikeaholic.

In 2020 I became the first woman to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats AND back again (LEJOGLE), setting the fastest known time. I am living proof that if you set your heart on something anything is possible…. Read more

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