The Road to PBP – part 1

Ever since my first attempt at PBP in 2015, I knew that I would probably have another go at completing it. It was such an experience, and I knew what I did wrong, so figured I had another 4 years to work things out and fix them. What is PBP you may ask?PBP stands for... Continue Reading →

Zebra on a bike – ride around Britain

I'm always interested in following stories of women cyclists taking on Epic challenges, especially when the odds are stacked against them. A couple of weeks ago I came across a link for a young lady called Natalie Wilson - aka Zebra on a Bike. She suffers from a debilitating illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (or EDS),... Continue Reading →

How to avoid Hibernation

We all know that cycling is good for our health. It keeps us fit, and unless anything goes wrong, it can help us to live longer. So how can we beat the winter blues and get motivated to ride throughout the year. If you have cycled regularly through the summer & into autumn, you will... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions or Good Intentions?

At 51, I am long past making New Years resolutions. After all, they always get broken after a week or two. However, I do like to start each New Year with a fresh start of New Year intentions. There might not seem to be any difference between a Resolution and an Intention, but it’s a psychological difference. A resolution to me says I MUST do something. I either do it or I don’t. And when I falter, then I’ve failed, so what’s the point in continuing. An intention, to me is something that I WANT to do. There isn’t a simple pass or fail criteria. At the end of the determined period of time, success is measured by how much further I am forward than I was at the starting point.

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